TPD Director cycles to London!

(Above- Amjad stops for a break in Oxfordshire)

Our very own Director Amjad Khan was amongst a 14-strong team who completed a true ride of a lifetime – a ‘Ride for Rohingya’.

The riders completed a 260-mile trip spread over four days, all with the aim of raising money for Human Aid UK.

They cycled to Stoke on Trent on the first day, Birmingham on the second, Oxford on the third, before reaching London on the final day, all in support of what many describe as ‘the world’s most oppressed minority’, the Rohingya.

The riders set off from the Oldham Central Mosque, encouraged by prominent members of the town, including Oldham MP Jim McMahon and Councillor Mohon Ali.

Completing the challenge, all 14 riders reached the finish line at the East London Mosque and were greeted by cheers of supporters who gathered waiting for the riders to arrive.


(above) The riders arrive in Oxford 


Councillor Ali said: “This morning our young people embarked on a difficult cycle journey from Oldham to London as part of a sponsored event to raise funds for the Rohingya people.

“While the world goes quiet, communities in Manchester have not forgotten the anguish, the pain, killings and suffering of over a million people displaced from Myanmar.

“As stated by Human Rights Organisation, it is one of the biggest examples of ethnic cleansing of the 21st century.”

The crisis, referred to as a ‘textbook example of ethnic cleansing’, created outrage around the world and affected a million people who fled the destruction of their homes.

“It can be easy to forget the human suffering and so the continued work of Human Aid in setting up a health and well-being centre at one of the refugee camps is vital. Best of luck!”

Human Aid UK will be building the Wellbeing Centre, a centre to provide care and healing to the Rohingya to help overcome the tremendous trauma they have been through.

The Wellbeing Centre will be an essential part for the distressed Rohingya to adapt themselves in this new environment and rehabilitating them.

The centre will aim to help them re-constitute their lives in Bangladesh in respect to education, therapy and medical programmes.

Amjad, from Whitefield, said: “I have never done a cycle challenge like this before and at the start was debating wether to sign up or not but seeing the plight of the Rohingyans filled my heart with guilt compared with the luxuries we have and therefore I decided to take on this challenge to raise much needed funds for the Rohingyan community”

Upon completing the challenge Amjad added “On the last day we covered a whopping 85 miles. My legs are sore and stiff, we hardly slept over the 4 days, and to top it off the weather from Birmingham onwards was very hot, but we’ve completed the challenge. Thank you to everyone who supported us!”

The Property Den were also one of the main sponsors of the Bike ride helping to support the riders accommodation requirements during the journey.

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