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Council Housing in Manchester

All council housing in the city is run by independent companies on our behalf.We own the properties, and people living in them are council tenants by law.But all housing services – repairs, rent, rehousing and so on – are delivered by the independent companies.If you live in a property owned by Manchester City Council, contact the organisation that manages your home for all your housing services.

Want to buy your council home?

If you live in a property owned by Manchester City Council, you have the legal right to buy your home, even if it is managed by another organisation.

Right to Buy: information and application

Looking for a council home?

Register for rehousing, look at available homes, see your chances of getting each home, and apply for homes you want on our partner-website ‘Manchester Move’.

Get advice about different housing options, like council and housing association homes, private renting, low-cost home ownership, and exchanging your home with another tenant.

Look for a home on ‘Manchester Move’

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